Aerial Videography India

Aerial Drone Event Videography

Aerial Videography highlights the interior and exterior of the site and provides detailed information to make a purchase without the need of actually visiting the site.

Aerial Project Videography

An affordable and reliable source of aerial videography service with experience in capturing the pulse of a brand and creating exceptional promotional videos.

Aerial Drone Sports Videography

Apart from the site, we show nearby landmarks, connectivity trails, hospitals, market places and public transportation, engaging our viewers with a wide range of information.

Aerial Real Estate Videography

Aerial Cinematography is a flourishing asset in the industrial business, where clients wish to have a crisp view of their prospect purchase and with high-end 4K Video production.

Aerial Drone Branding Videography

We give 360 virtual reality tours to provide our customers with the freedom to explore the area while being kilometres away in real-time.

Aerial Industrial Videography

Capturing the true essence of the site via aerial inspection, we also indulge in Live Webinars to look at the bigger picture from your audience’s standpoint.


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About Us

NS Ventures has a commendable portfolio in aerial video making. This Swedish based company provides commercial aerial shooting services all around India. With cutting edge technology and a group of experts, we bring a world-class quality to our videos. To create such spectacular aerial imagery, a lot of aspects are considered varying from GPS referencing, stabilising equipment, panoramas, angles, etc. Known across a vast range of industries, we have our client range from real estate, hospitality, resorts and industrial sectors.

NS Ventures has come up as a promising and profitable aerial photography and videography service provider. With increasing demands, NS Ventures provides creative visual solutions with drone photography on any landscape – aerial, ground or marine. With our above-mentioned clientele, we also cater to other industries including travel and tourism, construction, and film and TV. Popular across the regions of Delhi and Chandigarh, NS Ventures is an affordable and reliable source of aerial photography service availing complete customer satisfaction with aerial mapping, drone videography and drone photography. Bringing your project into the spotlight of vibrancy, close landmarks, and a complete 360 view, we also specialise in an overall interior and exterior coverage.

Our Vision

Our main focus stays on delivering world-class quality, professionalism and client satisfaction, which we aim to achieve through investing in the latest technology and high-tech innovative equipment along with our team of highly trained creative and technical staff which works to cater to your every need. We provide high resolution, 4K, stunning videos captured in the air, shot with remarkable videography and cinematography skills that come with our vast experience, which can be confirmed from our huge and happy client base.

By creating seamless, gorgeous visual imagery which resonates with the target audience, we aim to keep them engaged and interested until the very end. Our videography services are flexible according to your preferences and we intend to bring out the best of what matters the most to your business, and to not only meet but even surpass the standards of your desires.

Why choose Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography is the new face of the ever-changing marketing schemes raging in the market. Be it real estate, retail or industrial projects, each sector has worn the badge of honour in a successful spree of gaining leads and sales. Via this dynamic digital media, it is a service that brings you the engaging and interactive connection with your audience that brings them closer to the value of your brand. We, at NS Ventures, take your Videography experience to new heights, quite literally. We assure our clients exceptional quality and a bright spotlight that doesn’t let their assets go unnoticed.

In this flourishing digital age where the viewers need more information in less time, aerial videos provide a dynamic new perspective to the audience, giving them a personalised the luxurious and immersive experience, letting them explore a new viewpoint. In addition to empowering your business, aerial videography provides accurate and precise information presented in a beautiful way, which builds the feeling of trust between you and your clients.